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 Candyman (2021)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2021.09.23
Last/Last Reviewed:2021.09.23/2021.10.03

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ldh's review

I had so much hope for this film after the first 10 minutes. Gorgeous cinematography, a haunting soundtrack, and engaging performances. But then, something went awry. To some, it's the obvious blunt politics being used for the film. But that's a somewhat unfair statement given the politics in the original: after all, it's what the original Candyman was all about (and Philip Glass' soundtrack)! To me, it seems that in an attempt to rejuvenate the story, they spoiled it. And the soundtrack was reminiscent of Philip Glass but never matured into its own direction: too much of the old and not enough of the new kind of thing. And the final shot was VERY confusing to me and contradicted most of the new narrative the filmmakers were trying to establish for a new series.

- Laurent Hasson