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 James Bond 25: No Time To Die (2021)
Directed By: Not Available


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First/Last Viewed:2021.11.13/2022.04.25
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2021.11.13/2022.04.25/2021.11.23

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ldh's review

Skyfall pulled an amazing emotional punch when M died. It was unexpected but the story drove to that conclusion quite effortlessly: when it happened, it made sense and resonated with audiences the world over. In No Time To Die however, this emotional punch is never achieved.

Maybe it's because the very character of James Bond is this guy who always finds a way at the last minute, sometimes second, either out of sheer luck or grit. So when he dies, it just feels forced, and i couldn't shake the nasty feeling in the back of my head that "he's really not dead and will show up after the credits", or "really, they couldn't think of a way to get him out?" or "really, he couldn't figure out how to get away?". This is the ultimate sin of this film, when writers try to make a point, break tradition or something, but ultimately don't care if it actually works.

Other than that, the film is also quite busy with a LONG runtime filled with never-ending action sequences that become numbing. And the baddie? Not strong enough. Not enough screen time... etc... etc... etc... This James Bond #25 is a writing and directorial failure and would be better named "James dies at the end".

- Laurent Hasson