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 Spencer (2021)
Directed By: Not Available


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Last Viewed:2021.11.24
Last/Last Reviewed:2021.11.24/2021.11.25

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ldh's review

Something didn't sit with me with this movie. The soundtrack couldn't decide between being an avant-garde jazz piece, or period orchestral piece. The cinematography was amazing, but held back significantly with the choice of a 1.66 ratio. And i do not know Princess Diana enough to judge if Kristen Stewart's performance was great or just good. It's a shame because the art direction was absolutely stunning and felt held back by the cinematography choices. I guess the choice was to make use of a lot of close-ups and frame Diana as isolated and alone. Given the lush environment, the absolute luxury on display, i would have preferred to show Diana in wider shots and show her lonely in the luxurious expanse of her surroundings. This bugged me all the way throughout the film.

- Laurent Hasson