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Last Viewed:2003.03.04
Last/Last Reviewed:2003.03.04/2003.03.04

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ldh's review

The biggest criticism i have heard about this movie is that it showed immaturity, that Aronofsky was just showing off his technical porwess without any restraint, that this was a stylistic exercise gone insane...

Well, to me, these are exactely the reasons why i really love the movie. First, i am very technically driven, and this movie is such an assault on the audio-visual senses, it's amazing. But i find that it fits perfectly with the story. The protagonists are young "indestructible" men and women and an older woman who are spiralling into the world of addiction, addiction in general, let it be TV, food, drugs, sex, one another etc... This, in my opinion called for unrestrained audio-visual bravura. the more the better, to show the intensity of the insanity. What Aronofsky shows us are fully sensual animals, who live by the amplified sensations they (artificially) get from their surrounding world. To really show that, you need to be over the top. I also like the repetitiveness of some of the effects, like a broken record which accellerate as the movie goes on.

This movie is perfect to me in that the visual and auditive aspects do provide a view into the characters and the story perfectly well. It is overwhelming, definitely unsettling (especially the downfall trio at the end of the movie), which it should be.

- Laurent Hasson