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First/Last Viewed:2014.12.29/2016.08.07
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2014.12.29/2016.08.07/2016.09.05

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ldh's review

This is a classic as classic underground cult 80's horror films go. Filmed all around what used to be the seedy Time Square area, this little gem captures a slice of the New York of the time like few other films have done. And that's not all. Done on a micro budget, the film manages to pull in a great creature effect. Yes, it looks rubbery and all, but there is something about it that is at the same time endearing and touching, yet scary. The film manages to be seedy yet, with its central performance, very human. Yeah, it's exploitative and all, and again, with close to no budget, it looks grainy, not well lit and all. But it's undeniable that it has heart and a vision. Get through its rough exterior and you'll find something quite unique.

- Laurent Hasson