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Last Viewed:2020.03.28
Last/Last Reviewed:2020.03.28/2020.03.28

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ldh's review

This is an ultra violent and sexually explicit take on La Femme Nikita. It is very graphic, and as such, is really not for everyone. But, if you are into these types of animes, this is a treat. I played it one night, knowing nothing about it, and i got my socks totally knocked off. I was in shock several minutes after the movie's credit had ended. It's only 50mn, even though the packaging for the VHS and DVD say 60mn. But, this is because all the fat has been removed. There is simply not a single second of dead time here. The story jumps from one part to the next without leaving much time for the spectators to take their breath. The animation is really good, although it feels a little flat at times. The music is also quite a treat with very catchy jazz pieces playing throughout the movie. But what really stands apart is the writing. The details written in the action scenes are simply amazing. This is a movie that goes by so fast that i had to watch it again the next day. Honestly, i would not have been able to watch it any sooner after the first time because it was kind of hard to digest for an unsuspecting viewer.

- Laurent Hasson