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Last Viewed:2016.07.22
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.07.22/2016.07.30

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ldh's review

Ken Russel, with only a few movies, is one of my favorite director. This film is a strange one, straddling with some difficulties a trashy exploitation style mixed in with a profound message on human sexuality and love. It has all the elements of an 80's film with bright colors, a rich cinematography that cold have been lifted off a Dario Argento film, MTV-style editing and music (which was groundbreaking back in 1984), and great if controversial performance by Anthony Perkins and Kathleen Turner. I understand why its violence and unflinching portrayal of perversion turns people off, but to me, this is just a masterpiece of provocative cinema, which can push all sorts of funny buttons.

- Laurent Hasson