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   This movie has an online cover Scanners 1 (1980)
Directed By: David Cronenberg


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Last Viewed:2014.07.20
Last/Last Reviewed:2014.07.20/2019.05.27

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ldh's review

I remember exactly when the film came out in Paris where i grew up in 1981. I was 11. The posters were popping up everywhere, and if you were smart enough, you could find a way to hack some of the displays at bus stops and score one of them. I did, and this very poster was in my bedroom for years to the dismay of my parents of course. Every kid pretended to have seen the film and was talking about the infamous exploding head scene: of course, none had seen it. The film came out with a “no one under 13 allowed” rating. It’s different from PG-13 in the US in that it doesn’t matter if your parents accompany you: if you are not 13, you are not admitted. It was enforced, often by asking for your national ID card which contained your birth date. Zoom in the picture and look on the bottom-right to see the “Interdit Aux Moins De 13 Ans” notice.

So it’s not until summer of 1983 that i was actually able to see this film, in a second-run theater in the sea-side town where i used to spend my summers as a kid in the south of France. and boy, did i love it. It was the first Cronenberg film that i saw and i loved it. I have seen this film half a dozen times since and the supernatural brotherly feud still resonates with me, ending with one of the great “final duel” caught on film with some real bat-shit crazy fireworks. The effects were groundbreaking and the story was emotionally complex. Michael Ironside became immediately recognized as an uber-baddie. There was also a memorable score from Howard Shore (he scored many of Cronenberg’s films). This is a classic Horror film that hits all the notes, plus, it’s heady and multi-dimensional. Still funded by the Canadian Film Development Corporation.

- Laurent Hasson