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   This movie has an online cover Monsoon Wedding (2002)
Directed By: Mira Nair


View Count: 3
Last Viewed:2011.01.10
Last/Last Reviewed:2011.01.10/2019.12.24

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ldh's review

I love this movie. It's filmed with in Cinema Verite style. The camera is hand-held most of the time providing a very documentary feel. It dances around in cramped spaces around the actors and the action. The camera work is fantastic here to the point that you cannot help but guess at the choreography work that must have been going on between the cast and the technical team. The camera always manages to give you a feel of movement and chaos, while finding all the right opportunities to let you focus on the little details of a scene. Every look, hand movement, body language from the characters are captured in exquisite details. Add to that a masterful editing that makes it all feel seamless, and you get a first rate cinematic experience for a very realistic movie.

This is really what struck me the most when i first saw the film, but it's so good in many other respects too. The music is well balances between background score and features songs. It is tightly woven into the story and the lives of the characters. The art direction and cinematography are gorgeous, treating you to an uninterrupted festival of colors, costumes and textures. Finally, although the story is fairly standard (it's a wedding movie after all), you get treated to unexpected treatment of the subject, mixing child abuse and the meaning of marriage in an unexpectedly serious fashion. The writer has successfully blended serious subject in an overall joyous and happy film. And the cast pulls it off greatly. Although there isn't one particular actor that stood out with a remarkable performance in my eyes, everyone of them, without exception, did a great job, and you get to feel how this family lives and feels.

This is a fantastic joyous film celebrating life, family and love which also examines painful issues such as child abuse. It is technically masterful at inserting you into the life of this extended family during the 3-day ceremony for the marriage of their daughter. You will feel like you are there, experiencing not only the chaos, but also all the little moments of their lives.

- Laurent Hasson