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Last Viewed:2002.04.10
Last Reviewed:2002.04.10

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ldh's review

This is a very interesting movie that depicts the last few days of a suicide bomber, a young woman. First, the key aspect of this movie, to me, was the cinematography. There are successions of deep field shots, close ups, and large shots which i find quite amazing. The visual quality of the movie is very high. The performance of the main protagonist is also first rate. Depicting an 18 year old woman thinking about all sorts of things in the few days preceeding her planned suicide bombing was done quite amazingly.

To round up the great aspects of this movie is the writing. If the story is quite standard, the details portrayed in the movie are quite extraordinary. Internal twists and turns in the young woman's psyche quickly take her up, creating doubts and certitudes that keep on mixing with one another. You will, until the very end of the movie wonder if she will do it or not.

All other aspects of the movie are good, although i had issues with the sound and music of the movie. Maybe this is just the DVD sound mix, but i found the sound quite muddled overall. If it weren't for the subtittles, i do not think i could have picked up the characters' dialogues. On the music front, something that is very important to me, i found it also quite poor, not in terms of the quality, but quantity. There are maybe 2 or 3 short pieces of music throughout the movie which are repeated over and over again. This, in my opinion, created a simplistic soundscape which i started to notice quite strongly half way through the movie, like a constant auditive deja-vu.

- Laurent Hasson