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This movie has an online cover Krai Thong (2001)
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Last Viewed:2002.05.24
Last/Last Reviewed:2002.05.24/2006.01.03

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The Thai movie industry has been emerging over the past few years. It's still nascent, but something is definitely happening down there. Although the general quality is not great, there are a few really good ones that have come out. You should check the fantastic Beautiful Boxer (2003), the amazingly rich and lush production of Legend Of Suriyothai, The (2001), the good Nang Nak (2000), and the surprisingly sweet and well done My Girl (2003). Those 4 movies sum up the potential that Thai cinema has.

Well, this movie is not one Thailand should be proud of. Although it has a couple of cool things in it, and 2 absolutely gorgeous girls, it is nevertheless terrible. I can say it's even worse than Lake Placid (1999) which is the first recent film that came to my mind with a large crocodile in it... The special effects are terrible, like some high-school student just discovered an old Amiga in some dump, and the overall direction is really terrible. Half the movie looks like it was directed and shot by a blind Alzheimer patient.

The story is fairly simple, with a large demon crocodile terrorizing villages around a lake. The crocodile can take human form when out of the waters and kidnaps the gorgeous daughter of a local rich man. He takes her to his private refuge, a beautifully arranged cave under the lake, to make her fall in love with him. Soon thereafter, the rich man offers a large sum of money, and his daughter, to anyone who can finally send that demon back to hell. Krai Thong is a legendary hero in the Thai culture and the man who finally ends the crocodile's terror reign.

I guess the redeeming quality of this film is its cultural aspect. Movies from Thailand are rare enough and i actually enjoy it every time i see one. Although this is the worst i have seen, there is still an exotic feel to it, and moments of great creativity and beauty (did i mention already the 2 gorgeous girls?) that almost compensate for it. I particularly enjoyed all the scenes taking place in the underwater cave. But other than that, the rest is pretty bad, especially the action scenes which make no visual sense whatsoever. As i said before, they feel like they were shot by a blind Alzheimer patient.

- Laurent Hasson