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Last Viewed:2004.07.20
Last/Last Reviewed:2004.07.20/2004.11.28

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Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead is another example of the collaborative work between Joe D'Amato and Laura Gemser. This time, instead of Black Emanuelle, we have Zombies.

A rich couple bought a deserted island to develop it into a high-class resort and decide to hire a man and his boat to go there and start scouting the area. The problem is that the island is not quite deserted: an old man and a strange beautiful woman (Laura Genser) live there and protect the burrial grounds of their tribe. After several ignored warnings from the mysterious pair to leave and never come back, the dead finally rise to protect their island and chase off the couple and their hired handy man.

The uncut version of the film was just released on DVD in the US, and we have something different from Emanuelle In America. First, the film has several scene that are as sexually explicit as can be: they are pornographic in every respect. Second, the horror scenes are much more mainstream, with your standard Zombie-type of fare. In this respect, i felt there wasn't as much shock packed in this film as in the previous one reviewed.

Most interestingly though are the last 20 minutes or so when the zombies attack. I found the overall scene quite interesting in terms of the mood it creates. The cinematography is actually quite interesting, the music moody, and the threat of the zombies quite real. The cinematogtraphy in particularly striking in that the scene takes place at dawn, but had to be shot in full sunny afternoon. D'Amato used a combination of filters and sub-exposition to render a delicate muted palette of colors. That last scene is what most people remember in this film.

Emanuelle In America and Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead are classic entries in the trash horror subgenre that was born out of Italy in the 70's and 80's. Joe D'Amato and Laura Gemser are key figures in this subgenres. Both films have finally been released in the US on DVD completely uncut, for all of us to be shocked, disgusted, or amused. Those movies are definitely not for everyone, but for the curious, you have never seen anything like that.

- Laurent Hasson