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Last Viewed:2003.08.03
Last/Last Reviewed:2003.08.03/2003.08.03

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ldh's review

This is a movie that represents best the things i love most about Korean cinema. It is very personal, very distant emotionally while at the same time, overwhelming you with the emotional strenght of what's going on in the story and with the characters. Koreans are seemingly great at presenting you extremely distant and cold characters, while nevertheless allowing you to peak in their deepest feelings and reveal their humanity. It reminds me somewhat of Canadian cinema and how people like Cronenberg and Egoyan present their stories and characters.

The real gem though is the performance from Cecilia Cheung. She is such an amazing actress, and in spite of little actual screen time compared to the other lead character, manages to display all the depth of that human being.

- Laurent Hasson