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Last Viewed:2018.07.28
Last/Last Reviewed:2018.07.28/2018.08.13

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ldh's review

Suspiria is one of my favorite films. I am literally obsessed by it. I have created a custom theme for my last 4 phones with sounds, ringtomes and images from this film. I trace my love of peacocks to this film too! It's hard to convey to someone who hasn't seen this film how much of an audio-visual experience it is. From an iconic score by Goblin to an attention to visual details probably not seen in any other film ever! Period! Every frame is lit just perfectly. Every frame is framed just right, with vertiginous virtuosity and incredible depth of field. And then of course, there is the art direction. If i ever strike it rich, i would love a home that is designed from the ground up inspired by this film's sets. Every design on doors, staircases, wallpaper, carpets, furniture, you name it... everything on display is incredibly beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful film ever made. And then of course, there is a well round-up witch story and good enough performances for this genre.

- Laurent Hasson