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Last Viewed:2022.08.07
Last Reviewed:2022.08.07

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ldh's review

Even though, deep inside, i prefer Zelig for its technical bravura, Crimes And Misdemeanors simply strikes a profound chord with me. Technically, it is brilliant, with a great use of the sets, imeline, editing, and sound. Particularely haunting is the recurring music throughout the piece. The only other time i have seen Allen make such a calculated use of music is with Manhattan.

From a performance point of view, it is simply astonishing. This is the movie which really got be hooked on Martin Landau. And on the story front, it is to me so profound. The philosopher's passages really took me by surprise by their depth and clarity.

Overall, this has to be one of my favorite movie thematically, if not technically. The issues at the heart of this movie simply took me time to reconcile in my head, and every time i see it, it gets me thinking hours after the movie has ended.

- Laurent Hasson