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   This movie has an online cover Wild Orchid (1990)
Directed By: Zalman KIng


View Count: 3
First/Last Viewed:2006.03.31/2018.11.06
First/Last Reviewed:2006.04.01/2009.02.11

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ldh's review

OK, i admit it. The only reason i rented this was for Carre Otis and the fact that this DVD is the uncut unrated edition of the film. Given that i find her exquisite to say the least, and that the movie had gathered quite a reputation for hotness since it came out over 15 years ago, i figured i was in for something at least enjoyable for pure titillation reasons.

Emily (Carre Otis), a young and innocent midwest girl, is on her way to become a top lawyer. She is hired by a NY firm and her first assignment is to go to Rio, Brazil, to seal a deal. There, she catches the fancy of self-made millionaire Wheeler (Mickey Rourke) and he quickly takes her into his world of sexual intrigue and debauchery. Slowly, the attraction becomes intense and she succombs to his charm, the adventure, and the strong sexuality that permeates every corner of Rio.

Boy oh boy! Carre Otis IS absolutely drop dead gorgeous. IMHO, she remains to this day, one of the most beautiful creature to walk this earth. But gosh, except for being gorgeous, she has near zero presence or strength on screen. When you make a sexy film with mostly one actress to carry it, you better make sure she captures the camera. This is not Girl From Rio (2001), Malena (2000) or Pantaleon Y Las Visitadoras (2000), three films i immediately think of where the lead actress did succeed in carrying the entire film through sheer charms, and presence. But here, this film fails miserably. It's a problem with Carre of course, but it's accentuated by poor writing overall. Mickey Rourke was one of the most promising and talented actors in the 80's, but you would have never known it watching this film. He is wooden, boring, and lacks any of the traits that made him so charming and captivating in his previous movies. Writing and Acting-wise then, the film is quite a failure, and the only reason i did not give a complete failing grade is for Carre who is... Oh, wou know already.

Other than that, the movie also fails in its core aim at titillation. Considered kind of a sequel to 9 And A Half Weeks (1986) (even if two official sequels were later made), this film is noticeably less erotic and interesting. There are only two erotic scenes that are really strong, including the finale scene between Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke which, legend has it, was not simulated. The rest is just plain and boring padding with little in terms of building any tension, sexual or otherwise. Not good.

This is a film you should rent if and only if you are a big Carre Otis or Mickey Rourke fan and seeing them in a bad movie is OK for you. If you expect interesting character development, mounting sexual tension brought about through sophisticated games and so on, you'll be sorely disappointed. The film has very little redeeming value except for Carre.... Oh you already figured i really like her.

- Laurent Hasson