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   This movie has an online cover Mulholland Dr. (2001)
Directed By: David Lynch


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First/Last Viewed:2002.05.02/2017.12.31
First/Last/Last Reviewed:2002.05.02/2017.12.31/2002.12.08

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ldh's review

What a strange movie. Like an amazing dream, you remember it for a long time, you think about it over and over again, you vividly remember visually and emotionally parts of it, but you have no clue what it was.

There are many explanations out there as to what the movie really means, and many are quite fascinating to read. Just do a search on google, and you'll get a few. You can also check the IMDB. Many people will not resist the temptation to either dismiss the movie as incoherent, or try to rationally explain it. It's a dream. It's a piece of music. You experience it, you feel it, and if you try to explain it, you lose something crucial in the process.

Formally, like every other Lynch movie, it is yet another brilliant demonstration of Lynch's complete control of the film medium. Everything in this movie is first rate. I rated the story as "good" only because it is overall a standard thriller/film noir story. However, the treatment of it, the writing, makes it an incredible experience.

As for every other Lynch, the sound in this movie is captivating. I hope you can see it in a theater, or with a good sound system on a DVD at home. It's really worth it.

- Laurent Hasson