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   This movie has an online cover Emmanuelle 1 (1974)
Directed By: Just Jaeckin


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Last Viewed:2019.06.25
Last Reviewed:2019.06.25

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ldh's review

This is the classic erotic movie from France. It's good, but it has not aged gracefully, in terms of how it is made, the level of eriticism showm, and also, its story line. Although Sylvia Kristel is still gorgeous by today's standard, the story can't help but feel old, kitch, cheesy, and sometimes, shocking.

Now, don't get me wrong, some shots of this movie, and situations, remain classics. This is the movie that started tasteful erotica on the big screen, and some of the stuff is still very nice today. The music is still cheesy but so recognizeable. This is really the type of music, with the lyrical piano and the voices, where people go: "Yep, French!". This is a movie that defines the early 70's in terms of French culture, music, erotica and so on.

The one thing that remains troubling to me is the story line: the main character is basically forced into all sorts of situations until she gets to like it. This is kind of the macho attitude "A woman who says no really means yes" which is very outdated, and could shock or displease modern viewers.

- Laurent Hasson