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   This movie has an online cover Leprechaun 1 (1992)
Directed By: Mark Jones


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Last Viewed:2016.07.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.07.05/2016.07.28

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ldh's review

This is not a good movie. However, it has 2 aces in its sleeve that makes it, and its sequels, very watchable: very creative tongue-in-cheek writing for leprechaun-speak, and of course, its main star Warwick Davis. Yes, the cinematography is poor. Yes, all the other actors are doing a poor job overall. Yes, the effects are poor. But the main character, the Leprechaun, is just so well executed in all its facets that the movies are fun to watch. I'd say that the sequels figured this out and are often better than the original because the leprechaun is much more front and center... Here the recipe is simple: more leprechaun equals more fun.

- Laurent Hasson