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Last Viewed:2015.09.22
Last/Last Reviewed:2015.09.22/2006.07.13

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ldh's review

This is an absolutely great low-brow classic. A couple of scenes will turn off even the toughest veterans of juvenile frat comedies, but it's so much fun anyway. Totally gross, really, totally sex, totally nude, totally irreverant, totally subversive, totally politically incorrect, totally fun, totally gratuitous.

For example, the main character, Van, looks for an assistant for the year when a "straight A" Indian senior student on scholarship from Banglapur comes in for an interview and begs for the position, in hope of getting eventually laid. Van is convinced he is the right man, stands up and says: "I swear i'll help you put the Bang back in Banglapur!"..... {:) I guess you had to be there. I was cracking up from the begining to the end and can hardly remember the last time i had such a good time. I have seen this movie 4 times now in the past 18 months ro so, and i still crack up every 3 minutes. It's creative, and fun, and manages to stay fresh even after multiple viewings.

If you want a good time, and are not easily offended by this type of humor, do run to your local video store and rent it.

- Laurent Hasson