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Last Viewed:2019.05.26
Last/Last Reviewed:2019.05.26/2019.05.27

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ldh's review

With 2 underground films that built up Cronenberg’s following (Shivers and Rabid), and 3 films that seated him internationally at one of the top directors at the time (The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome), it was only a matter of time before Hollywood called. The film is adapted from a Stephen King novel and is pretty much executed by the numbers. It’s effective and well headed by Christopher Walken in one of his iconic roles. Here, it’s not so much a mutation as it is a paranormal phenomenon which gives the main character the ability to see and affect the future after having been in a coma for 5 years. The characters are well rounded in typical Stephen King fashion but Cronenberg is still able to infuse some of his personality in this mainly Hollywood horror film. This is in sharp contrast with his follow up, The Fly, where Cronenberg’s DNA is all over the film, surpassing the original material in every possible way.

- Laurent Hasson