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ldh's review

This is the kind of masterpiece Disney no longer makes... Partly, i blame the public for it and its moronic attitude towards widescreen films. If anything else, Lady And The Tramp illustrates perfectly what can be done with a 2.35 aspect ratio. The landscapes, the backgrounds, the quality of the framing and the overall composition of the action is so amazing in this picture. It's important to realize that Lady And The Tramp was actually one of the first widescreeen movie ever made, adn Disney really understood and used the medium so well.

But, because the studios have been unable to educate the masses about screen composition and aspect ratios, such masterpieces, at least from disney, are now almost history, except for the recent gorgous Atlantis, The Lost Empire. When you look at other Disney movies, you realize how much poorer the techniques are, how, even eith the 1.85 aspect ratio, things look cramped in the center. This is done of course to make the Pan&Scan process easier and satisfy the uneducated masses. But what a loss. Watching masterpieces like Lady And The Tramp or Sleeping Beauty, you'd wish Disney could still make films like that. OK, so i am over with my rant on aspect ratios. You know me, i just love that 2.35 widescreen ratio.

In any case, besides that, Lady And The tramp is a wonderful film. The character design and animation is first rate, and the story is complex and well done. It's just a pleasure through and through.

- Laurent Hasson