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Last Viewed:2016.07.31
Last/Last Reviewed:2016.07.31/2016.09.04

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ldh's review

One of the biggest blockbuster franchise of the last 20 years, and i have stayed clear of it till now because I simply have had zero interest in these flicks because, primarily, i have zero interest in cars (i don't even have a driver's license you see). It's not until my younger kid asked about it and the box set Blu-Ray was available on Amazon on sale, so i picked it up, and i must say that i had some great time. Part of it of course was to watch all 7 of the films with my son over a couple of weeks in August 2016, but i can say i genuinely enjoyed them as well.

The first film is fun and sets up the cast and the story for pretty much all of the franchise. Vin Diesel is great, and Paul Walker is very charismatic and charming. It really sucks he died so young. It's overall a good action film with lots of fun set pieces and most importantly, lots of fun characters and a great ensemble cast.

- Laurent Hasson