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   This movie has an online cover Last Wolf, The (2004)
Directed By: Ja-hong Ku


View Count: 1
Last Viewed:2005.07.30
First/Last Reviewed:2005.07.31/2005.08.23

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ldh's review

I guess all South Korean movies cannot be masterpieces. I buy pretty much any South Korean movie i see on shelves in the hopes of discovering a treasure. In the past 5 years, my adventurous side has been plenty rewarded as some of the most incredible movies i have seen in that time have been Korean (see here). Sometimes though, and not too often thankfully, i am not so lucky. This film is another well done Korean movie, which unfortunately, suffers from a boring story, poor writing and an overall lack of purpose.

Officer Choi (YANG Dong-kun) is having an existential crisis. As a good detective in the Seoul Police force, he is confronted pretty much on a daily basis with the violence that permeates the city, and gangs that are more and more aggressive. One day, he snaps and asks that he be transfered to a small village in the boonies. Thinking that he has found paradise on earth, with non-existent crive and a peaceful life, he regains some happiness. However, one day, he receives a letter informing him and the others working at the police station that due to budget cuts, stations in low-crime or low-population areas will be closed. His area literally has zero-crime. With the help of two other officers in the station, he is going to start looking for crime in the village, in order to help raise his quota and hopefully, save the station. Comedic moments ensues as he tries to pit neighboors against each others, catch trucks speeding, and farmers drinking on the job.

This could have been a really funny movie, but it ended up being a VERY boring movie. The gags are too far in between, and most of them simply don't work. The film started wonderfully well, with a great introduction of the main character, so within 10 mn into the movie, i had high hopes. However, very soon, the movie crashed and burned, and never recovered till the end.

On the technical front, it's a very well produced movie, with good cinematography, good art direction, and good performances. It's just that the writer and dirtector seemed to not know what they wanted to do. The movie goes nowhere, and has nothing much to say. Acting-wise, it's a waste of talent. YANG Dong-kun in particular is a young rising star in South Korea with impressive films in the past such as Address Unknown, and this film will never be remembered as a good one.

This is a movie that had an interesting premise and a great start, but went out of breath quickly. There is nothing redeem ing about this film. It's not a bad movie, but it's a boring, unconsequential one.

- Laurent Hasson