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Last Viewed:2005.11.22
First/Last Reviewed:2005.10.02/2006.10.02

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I have recently been working on a series of reviews of TV series on DVD. I started with 24, where you can find the introduction to all those reviews, and i have continued with Lost, The L Word, The Batman TV Series, Rescue Me, Desperate Housewives, and here, Nip And Tuck.

High-class trash is the best way i can describe this show, but in the end, what saves it, what prevents it from being totally exploitative, is that it does harbor a big heart where it matters. The result is interesting because it is definitely titillating, and contains loads of shocking material, but in the end, it's hard not to get attached to the characters and understand how they feel and think.

Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) are two of the best plastic surgeons in Miami. Their practice is for the rich and wealthy. But not everything is as rosy as it seems as their personal lives are definitely ultra-dysfunctional. Christian is a player to the extreme, rarely sleeping with the same woman two nights in a row, enjoying the company of models, porn stars and other women that are not of the most recommendable type. Sean is a family man, but his family is slowly dissolving as old secrets are revealed. Sean and Christian form a symbiotic couple and while brilliant at work, need each other outside of work too in order to keep it together as best they can... and it won't be easy.

The subject matter is definitely not for the faint of heart, dealing quite frankly with sexual dysfunction, the adulation of youth in our culture, medical ethics, transsexuals, drugs trafficking etc... If you don't like to be shocked, don't have an open mind, or don't possess a liberal-oriented attitude, then this series is definitely not for you. If you have at least one of those things, then you need one more, a strong stomach. Each episode in the series focuses on a patient and their particular case. Their stories, and what brings them to see a plastic surgeon forms the arc for the episode. The surgeries themselves are fascinating, and presented in their full gory details. The makeup and special effects are so amazing it's sometimes hard to believe you are not watching a real operation.

What makes the show so interesting though is the characters. Yes, they are dysfunctional to an extreme, but they are also so very human. At some point, you really feel for them and even though you see them make one bad decision after another, and engage in behavior that frankly would make them pathetic at times, you remain strangely attached to them and that marks the primary strength of the show.

- Laurent Hasson