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Last Viewed:2006.02.28
First/Last Reviewed:2005.10.02/2006.05.28

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I have recently been working on a series of reviews of TV series on DVD. I started with 24, where you can find the introduction to all those reviews, and i have continued with Lost, The L Word, The Batman TV Series, Nip And Tuck, Rescue Me and here, Desperate Housewives.

Among the 8 TV series i have discovered over the past year (i watched in total 10 full seasons of those series) Desperate Housewives, Season 1 is the one series that really captured me the most. I didn't pick it without some apprehension though. I had heard about its success, great writing and cast, but had this image in my head that was completely inaccurate. I thought it was going to be another stupid watered down family drama, with a feminist bend and horny married women. Boy, was i far. I feel lucky i finally decided to give it a try.

As season 2 is about to end soon, and given that the DVD box set will be out on August 29th, it might be a good opportunity for those who haven't join the club yet to become acquainted, and perhaps charmed, this summer with this quirky and entertaining series that almost single-handedly revived the TV Drama when everybody thought Reality TV had taken over the landscape forever.

Susan (Teri Hatcher), Lynette (Felicity Huffman), Bree (Marcia Cross) and Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) are four women living in a comfortable affluent suburban neighborhood when their friend Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) suddenly commits suicide. Ugly secrets and lies populate this neighborhood that's only pristine on the outside when tales of murder, blackmail, infidelity, revenge and real skeletons surface.

Part comedy, part drama, part thriller, this series is a joyride of emotions, with touching moments interspersed with truly nail biting suspense. The best way to describe this series is to compare it with Twin Peaks, but without the upfront weirdness. The writers have managed very well smoothing out the material that only a few years ago would have granted this series to only be seen on Cable. But they did so without sacrificing much as many of the storylines remain challenging. The characters are all in all endearing and well developed, with an award-winning cast. Of all the TV series i have watched over the past year on DVD, this is definitely the winner.

- Laurent Hasson