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Last Viewed:2006.03.05
Last/Last Reviewed:2006.03.05/2003.03.02

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ldh's review

This is as close to a perfect movie as one will ever get.

I have wanted to see this movie for so long. Since "High Heels", Almodovar as reached a level of maturity that is uncommon for someone who can also turn out movies full of characters that defy social norms, and over-the-top subject matters. I have known since the first time i heard about "All About My Mother" that this would be a movie i would really love. Yet, for some reason, it has taken me 3 years to see it.

Well, i saw it, and i loved it. Technically it is simply brilliant, with amazing cinematography and art direction like Almodovar knows how to make. Then you have the story, the writing, and the performances. All are perfect. Almodovar as a knack to turn social misfits, with sometimes objectionable behaviors, into lovable, genuinely fascinating characters. This is Almodovar's strength, and nowhere before has it been so strong. He always manages to give a depth to his characters that put me in awe as to their paths in life. These are characters that have lived multiple lives, all with equal intensity.

This is Almodovar's most accomplished movie so far (i haven't seen his latest, "Talk To Her") and pure enjoyment through and through.

- Laurent Hasson