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#Film TittleDirectorYear
1 Brand New Testament, TheJaco Van Dormael 2015
2 Song Of The SeaTomm Moore 2014
3 MobiusEric Rochant 2013
4 TiedHélène Fillières 2013
5 Strange Color Of Your Body'S Tears, TheHélène Cattet 2013
6 Our ChildrenJoachim Lafosse 2012
7 Ernest And CelestineStéphane Aubier 2012
8 HysteriaTanya Wexler 2011
9This movie has an online cover Don'T Look BackMarina De Van 2009
10 Diamant 13Gilles Béhat 2009
11This movie has an online cover JCVDMabrouk El Mechri 2008
12This movie has an online cover Dragon Hunters, TheGuillaume Ivernel 2008
13 FlawlessMichael Radford 2007
14 Boarding GateOlivier Assayas 2007
15This movie has an online cover RenaissanceChristian Volckman 2006
16This movie has an online cover Comme T'Y Es Belle!Lisa Azuelos 2006
17This movie has an online cover Shadow Of The SwordSimon Aeby 2005
18This movie has an online cover William Shakespeare's The Merchant Of VeniceMichael Radford 2004
19This movie has an online cover ErosMichelangelo Antonioni 2004
20 Ninth Day, TheVolker Schlondorff 2004
21This movie has an online cover Good Woman, AMike Barker 2004
22This movie has an online cover CalvaireFabrice Du Welz 2004
23This movie has an online cover Girl With A Pearl EarringPeter Webber 2003
24This movie has an online cover PulseMarcus Adams 2003
25This movie has an online cover Extreme OpsChristian Duguay 2002
26This movie has an online cover Dog SoldiersNeil Marshall 2002
27This movie has an online cover Fear Dot ComWilliam Malone 2002
28 Enemy, TheTom Kinninmont 2001
29This movie has an online cover Musketeer, ThePeter Hyams 2001
30This movie has an online cover Lost Battalion, TheRussell Mulcahy 2001
31This movie has an online cover CQRoman Coppola 2001
32 8 1/2 WomenPeter Greenaway 2000
33This movie has an online cover New World DisorderRichard Spence 2000
34This movie has an online cover Shadow Of The VampireE. Elias Merhige 2000
35This movie has an online cover Fortress 2: Re-entryGeoff Murphy 1999
36 Affair Of Love, AnFrederic Fonteyne 1999
37 School Of Flesh, TheBenoît Jacquot 1998
38 American Werewolf In Paris, AnAnthony Waller 1997
39This movie has an online cover On Dangerous GroundLawrence Gordon Clark 1996
40 Promesse, LaJean-Pierre Dardenne 1996
41 Mysterious Cities Of Gold Vol.1, TheEdouard David 1982
42 Mysterious Cities Of Gold Vol.2, TheEdouard David 1982
43 Mysterious Cities Of Gold Vol.3, TheEdouard David 1982
44 Mysterious Cities Of Gold Vol.4, TheEdouard David 1982
45 MoreBarbet Schroeder 1969
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