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#Film TittleDirectorYear
1 Wonder Woman 1Patty Jenkins 2017
2 Power RangersDean Israelite 2017
3 Alien 6: CovenantRidley Scott 2017
4 Planet Of The Apes 3: War Of The Planet Of The ApesMatt Reeves 2017
5 Hunt For The WilderpeopleTaika Waititi 2016
6 Z For ZacharianCraig Zobel 2015
7 Turbo KidFrançois Simard 2015
8 DeathgasmJason Lei Howden 2015
9 KrampusMichael Dougherty 2015
10 Hobbit 3: The Battle of the Five Armies, ThePeter Jackson 2014
11 ABCs Of Death 2, TheRodney Ascher 2014
12 Dead Lands, TheToa Fraser 2014
13 What We Do In The ShadowsJemaine Clement 2014
14 HouseboundGerard Johnstone 2014
15 Hobbit 2: The Desolation Of Smaug, ThePeter Jackson 2013
16 West Of MemphisAmy Berg 2012
17 Adventures Of Tintin, TheSteven Spielberg 2011
18 Warrior'S Way, TheSngmoo Lee 2010
19This movie has an online cover District 9Neill Blomkamp 2009
20 Lovely Bones, ThePeter Jackson 2009
21This movie has an online cover 10,000 B.C.Roland Emmerich 2008
22 Eagle Vs SharkTaika Cohen 2007
23This movie has an online cover Tattooist, ThePeter Burger 2007
24This movie has an online cover Rise: Blood HunterSebastian Gutierrez 2007
25 Sione'S WeddingChris Graham 2006
26 Black SheepJonathan King 2006
27 Perfect CreatureGlenn Standring 2006
28This movie has an online cover BoogeymanStephen T. Kay 2005
29This movie has an online cover King KongPeter Jackson 2005
30This movie has an online cover World's Fastest Indian, TheRoger Donaldson 2005
31This movie has an online cover Vera DrakeMike Leigh 2004
32This movie has an online cover Last Samurai, TheEdward Zwick 2003
33This movie has an online cover Nemesis GameJesse Warn 2003
34This movie has an online cover Lord Of The Rings 3, The Return Of The King, ThePeter Jackson 2003
35This movie has an online cover Whale RiderNiki Caro 2002
36This movie has an online cover Lord Of The Rings 2, The Two Towers, ThePeter Jackson 2002
37This movie has an online cover Lord Of The Rings 1, The Fellowship Of The Ring, ThePeter Jackson 2001
38This movie has an online cover State Of Mind, AYvette Plummer 2000
39 Price Of Milk, TheHarry Sinclair 2000
40This movie has an online cover Crooked EarthSam Pillsbury 2000
41This movie has an online cover Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatDavid Mallet 1999
42 JudgeFujihiko Hosono 1999
43 I'Ll Make You HappyAthina Tsoulis 1999
44 Climb, TheBob Swaim 1998
45 Ugly, TheScott Reynolds 1997
46 SirenCharles Bracewell 1996
47 Forgotten SilverCosta Botes 1996
48This movie has an online cover Frighteners, ThePeter Jackson 1996
49 Hercules: Warrior PrincessBruce Seth Green 1995
50 Last Tattoo, TheJohn Reid 1994
51This movie has an online cover Once Were WarriorsLee Tamahori 1994
52 Jack Be NimbleGarth Maxwell 1994
53This movie has an online cover Hercules And The Amazon WomenBill L. Norton 1994
54This movie has an online cover Hercules And The Lost KingdomHarley Cokeliss 1994
55This movie has an online cover Heavenly CreaturesPeter Jackson 1994
56 Tommyknockers, TheJohn Power 1993
57This movie has an online cover Dead AlivePeter Jackson 1992
58This movie has an online cover Meet The FeeblesPeter Jackson 1989
59 Soldier's Tale, ALarry Par 1988
60This movie has an online cover Bad TastePeter Jackson 1988
61This movie has an online cover MesmerizedMichael Laughlin 1986
62 Hot TargetDennis C. Lewiston 1985
63This movie has an online cover Quiet Earth, TheGeoff Murphy 1985
64 UtuGeoff Murphy 1983
65This movie has an online cover Merry Christmas Mr LawrenceNagisa Oshima 1983
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