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#Film TittleDirectorYear
1 Assassin'S CreedJustin Kurzel 2016
2 Assassin, TheHsiao-Hsien Hou 2015
3 Revenant, TheAlejandro G. Iñárritu 2015
4 Search For General Tso, TheIan Cheney 2014
5 Life Of PiAng Lee 2012
6 Dancing Without YouRobin Lee 2011
7 Mayday 3DNARong-ji Chang 2011
8 You Are The Apple Of My EyeGiddens Ko 2011
9 Killer Who Never Kills, TheN/A 2011
10 Warriors Of The Rainbow: Seediq BaleTe-Sheng Wei 2011
11 Future X-CopsJing Wong 2010
12 Zoom Hunting Li Cho 2010
13 MongaDoze Niu 2010
14 One DayChi-jan Hou 2010
15 Fantome Ou Es-tu?Siu-Di Wang 2010
16 Love You 10000 YearsToyo Kitamura 2010
17 Comedy Makes You CryZong-de Wu 2010
18 In Case Of LoveGavin Lin 2010
19 Sumimasen LoveN/A 2009
20 Cannot Live Without YouLeon Dai 2009
21 On His Majesty'S Secret ServiceJing Wong 2009
22 Invitation OnlyKevin Ko 2009
23 Empire Of SilverChristina Yao 2009
24This movie has an online cover Yang YangYu-Chieh Cheng 2009
25 Treasure Hunter, TheN/A 2009
26This movie has an online cover Prince Of TearsYonfan 2009
27This movie has an online cover TearsWen-Tang Cheng 2009
28This movie has an online cover How Are You Dad?Tso-chi Chang 2009
29This movie has an online cover Hear MeN/A 2009
30 Port Of ReturnN/A 2009
31This movie has an online cover Kung Fu DunkYen-ping Chu 2008
32 Candy RainHung-i Chen 2008
33 ORZ BoyzYa-che Yang 2008
34 Tea FightYeming Wang 2008
35 BallisticN/A 2008
36 Miao MiaoHsiao-tse Cheng 2008
37This movie has an online cover Lust, CautionAng Lee 2007
38This movie has an online cover Spider LiliesZero Chou 2007
39This movie has an online cover Blood BrothersAlexi Tan 2007
40 SecretJay Chou 2007
41 God Man DogSinging Chen 2007
42 My DNA Says I Love YouYun Chan Lee 2007
43 Knot, TheLi Yin 2006
44This movie has an online cover Wayward Cloud, TheMing-liang Tsai 2005
45This movie has an online cover Three TimesHsiao-hsien Hou 2005
46 About LoveTen Shimoyama 2005
47 Shoe Fairy, TheYun Chan Lee 2005
48 Blue Cha ChaWen-Tang Cheng 2005
49This movie has an online cover Heirloom, TheLeste Chen 2005
50 Cafe LumiereHsiao-hsien Hou 2003
51This movie has an online cover Double VisionKuo-fu Chen 2002
52This movie has an online cover Millennium MamboHsiao-hsien Hou 2001
53This movie has an online cover Migratory BirdYah Ming Ding 2001
54This movie has an online cover What Time Is It There?Ming-liang Tsai 2001
55This movie has an online cover Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonAng Lee 2000
56 Yi YiEdward Yang 2000
57 Shadow MagicAnn Hu 2000
58 Guard Soldier Kwok Hao Ng 2000
59 LayoverN/A 1999
60This movie has an online cover Lady In HeatYin-Ping Chu 1999
61 City Of DarknessN/A 1999
62 Hole, TheTsai Ming-Liang 1998
63 PersonalsKuo-fu Chen 1998
64This movie has an online cover River, TheMing-liang Tsai 1997
65 Jin Pin MeiTaam Yui Ming 1996
66 Good Men, Good WomenHsiao-hsien Hou 1995
67This movie has an online cover Ashes Of TimeKar Wai Wong 1994
68This movie has an online cover Eat Drink Man WomanAng Lee 1994
69 Shaolin AvengersLee Chiu 1994
70 Vive L'AmourMing-liang Tsai 1994
71This movie has an online cover Pan Yu Liang, A Woman PainterShuqin Huang 1993
72This movie has an online cover Butterfly And SwordMichael Mak Dong-kit 1993
73 Puppetmaster, TheHsiao Hsien Hou 1993
74This movie has an online cover Wedding Banquet, TheAng Lee 1993
75This movie has an online cover Rebels Of The Neon GodMing-liang Tsai 1992
76 Pushing HandsAng Lee 1992
77 Legend Of The Drunken TigerRobert Tai 1992
78This movie has an online cover Raise The Red LanternYimou Zhang 1991
79 SwordsmanSiu-Tung Ching 1990
80This movie has an online cover Island On FireYin-Ping Chu 1990
81 City Of Sadness, AHsiao-hsien Hou 1989
82This movie has an online cover Burning Of The Imperial Palace, TheN/A 1983
83This movie has an online cover TRONSteven Lisberger 1982
84 Attack Force ZTim Burstall 1982
85This movie has an online cover SandmanRaymond Lui 1981
86This movie has an online cover Shanghai 13Cheh Chang 1981
87This movie has an online cover Shaolin Ex MonkN/A 1978
88This movie has an online cover Shaolin Death SquadJoseph Kuo 1977
89This movie has an online cover Killer Meteors, TheWei Lo 1976
90 Bruce Lee: Classic Kung Fu Fighting MoviesWah Chan 1976
91This movie has an online cover Shaolin Avengers, TheCheh Chang 1976
92This movie has an online cover One Armed Boxer 2: One Armed Boxer vs. the Flying GuillotineYu Wang 1975
93This movie has an online cover Fantastic Magical BabyCheh Chang 1975
94 Empress DowagerHan Hsiang Li 1975
95This movie has an online cover One Armed Boxer 1Yu Wang 1971
96This movie has an online cover Touch Of ZenKing Hu 1969
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