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#Film TittleDirectorYear
101This movie has an online cover Wild Thornberrys Movie, TheCathy Malkasian 2002
102This movie has an online cover Treasure PlanetRon Clements 2002
103This movie has an online cover Final Fantasy: The Spirits WithinHironobu Sakaguchi 2001
104This movie has an online cover MonkeyboneHenry Selick 2001
105This movie has an online cover Recess: School's OutChuck Sheetz 2001
106 Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Tophet CampaignAlan Caldwell 2001
107This movie has an online cover Atlantis 1, The Lost EmpireGary Trousdale 2001
108This movie has an online cover Osmosis JonesBobby Farrelly 2001
109This movie has an online cover Clifford: The Big Red DogN/A 2001
110 Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?: Time TravelerN/A 2001
111This movie has an online cover Cats And Dogs 1Larry Guterman 2001
112This movie has an online cover Christmas Carol: The MovieJimmy T. Murakami 2001
113 Pokemon 3: The MovieMichael Haigney 2001
114 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: The Island Of Misfit ToysBill Kowalchuk 2001
115 Land Before Time 8, The Big Freeze, TheCharles Grosvenor 2001
116This movie has an online cover Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In At The House Of MouseN/A 2001
117 Veggie Tales: The Ultimate Silly Song CountdownTom Bancroft 2001
118This movie has an online cover Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustYoshiaki Kawajiri 2001
119 Trumpet Of The SwanTerry L. Noss 2001
120This movie has an online cover Barbie In The NutcrackerOwen Hurley 2001
121 Sabrina: The Animated Series: Sabrina's WorldN/A 2001
122This movie has an online cover Shrek 1Andrew Adamson 2001
123 Jackie Chan Adventures: The Search For The TalismansN/A 2001
124 Daria Movie: Is It Fall Yet?Karen Disher 2001
125 Master Q 2001Herman Yau 2001
126 Dead Or AliveLowry Jr. Brooks 2001
127This movie has an online cover Haunted CastleBen Stassen 2001
128This movie has an online cover Millennium ActressSatoshi Kon 2001
129This movie has an online cover Monsters, Inc. 1Peter Docter 2001
130This movie has an online cover Lady And The Tramp 2, Scamp's AdventureDarrell Rooney 2001
131This movie has an online cover Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusJohn A. Davis 2001
132This movie has an online cover Hand Maid MayN/A 2001
133 Waking LifeRichard Linklater 2001
134 Saint Tail #6: The Crystal SwanN/A 2001
135This movie has an online cover MetropolisTarô Rin 2001
136This movie has an online cover Butt Ugly MartiansEgidio Dalchele 2001
137 Cosmo Warrior Zero #1: Cold Steel ImmortalsKazuyoshi Yokota 2001
138 Canterville GhostN/A 2001
139 Eastside (Special Edition)Lorena David 2001
140 Medabots-Medabots Wars 4N/A 2001
141This movie has an online cover Justice LeagueButch Lukic 2001
142This movie has an online cover Spirited AwayHayao Miyazaki 2001
143This movie has an online cover Cowboy Bebop The Movie: Knockin' On Heaven's DoorHiroyuki Okiura 2001
144This movie has an online cover Emperor's New Groove, TheMark Dindal 2000
145This movie has an online cover Scooby-Doo's Original MysteriesN/A 2000
146 Tom And Jerry's Greatest ChasesN/A 2000
147 Goofy Movie 2, An Extremely Goofy Movie, AIan Harrowell 2000
148 Haunted JunctionYuji Mutoh 2000
149This movie has an online cover Tigger Movie, TheJun Falkenstein 2000
150 Pokemon Vol. 17: Picture PerfectMichael Haigney 2000
151 Pokemon Vol. 18: Water Blast!Michael Haigney 2000
152 Orphen #1: Spell Of The DragonPino Amenta 2000
153 Cheating Las VegasN/A 2000
154This movie has an online cover Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: The Adventure BeginsTad Stones 2000
155This movie has an online cover Road To El Dorado, TheBibo Bergeron 2000
156 Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea, TheJim Kammerud 2000
157This movie has an online cover Titan A.E.Don Bluth 2000
158This movie has an online cover Chicken RunPeter Lord 2000
159 It's The Pied Piper, Charlie BrownBill Melendez 2000
160 Franklin And The Green KnightJohn van Bruggen 2000
161 Scooby-Doo And The Alien InvadersJim Stenstrum 2000
162 Tangerine BearBert Ring 2000
163 Pokemon: The Movie 2000Michael Haigney 2000
164 Sinbad: Beyond The Veil Of MistsEvan Ricks 2000
165This movie has an online cover Land Before Time 7, The Stone of Cold Fire, TheCharles Grosvenor 2000
166This movie has an online cover Heavy Metal 2000Michael Coldewey 2000
167This movie has an online cover Joseph: King Of DreamsRob LaDuca 2000
168 Digimon: The MovieMamoru Hosoda 2000
169 Clerks: UncensoredSteve Loter 2000
170This movie has an online cover Rugrats In Paris: The MovieStig Bergqvist 2000
171This movie has an online cover Blood: The Last VampireHiroyuki Kitakubo 2000
172This movie has an online cover Ah! My Goddess, The MovieN/A 2000
173This movie has an online cover NieA under 7Takuya Sato 2000
174 Magic Woman MN/A 2000
175 Lion Of Oz, TheTim Deacon 2000
176 Cardcaptor Sakura #4: Sakura Fight!N/A 2000
177 Grandma Got Run Over By A ReindeerPhil Roman 2000
178 Beatles Yellow Submarine Adventure, TheGeorge Duning 2000
179This movie has an online cover Dragon Ball Z The Movie, Dead ZoneDaisuke Nishio 2000
180This movie has an online cover Space TravelersKatsuyuki Motohiro 2000
181 Return Of The JokerCurt Geda 2000
182 Pokemon Vol. 19: Our Hero MeowthN/A 2000
183 Pokemon Vol. 20: The Final BadgeN/A 2000
184 Pokemon Vol. 21: The Po-Ke Corral!N/A 2000
185 Pokemon Vol. 22: Hang Ten, PikachuN/A 2000
186 South Park Presents: Timmy!N/A 2000
187 Composition In Blue And GreenKarl Staven 2000
188 Ms. Pac-Man Maze MadnessN/A 2000
189 NBA 2K1N/A 2000
190 Jackie Chan Adventures: The Shadow Of ShenduN/A 2000
191 Farscape #6: Till The Blood Runs Clear/ Rhapsody In The BlueN/A 2000
192 Tony Hawk - Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000N/A 2000
193 Arthur's Perfect ChristmasGreg Bailey 2000
194This movie has an online cover Bartok The MagnificentDon Bluth 1999
195This movie has an online cover South Park: Bigger, Longer And UncutTrey Parker 1999
196 Pokemon Vol. 11: The Great RaceMichael Haigney 1999
197This movie has an online cover Iron Giant, TheBrad Bird 1999
198 Pokemon: Vol. 15: Charizard!N/A 1999
199 Babar: King Of The ElephantsDavian Bobrowska 1999
200 HerculesRon Clements 1999
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