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#Film TittleDirectorUS Box Office
101 Reno 911!: Miami (2007)Ben Garant $20.3M
102 Reign Over Me (2007)Mike Binder $19.7M
103 Mr. Woodcock (2007)Craig Gillespie $19.6M
104 Waitress (2007)Adrienne Shelly $19M
105 Georgia Rule (2007)Garry Marshall $18.6M
106 Becoming Jane (2007)Julian Jarrold $18.5M
107 Into The Wild (2007)Sean Penn $18.2M
108This movie has an online cover Next (2007)Lee Tamahori $17.8M
109 Hostel 2 (2007)Eli Roth $17.5M
110 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)Jake Kasdan $17.3M
111 Vacancy (2007)Nimrod Antal $16.5M
112 88 Minutes (2007)Jon Avnet $16.5M
113 Hitcher, The (2007)Dave Meyers $16.4M
114 Elizabeth 2: The Golden Age (2007)Shekhar Kapur $16.3M
115 Happily N'Ever After (2007)N/A $15.8M
116 Dead Silence (2007)James Wan $15.5M
117 Kite Runner, The (2007)Marc Forster $15.3M
118 Invasion, The (2007)Oliver Hirschbiegel $15M
119This movie has an online cover Lions For Lambs (2007)Robert Redford $15M
120 Awake (2007)Joby Harold $14.4M
121 Firehouse Dog (2007)Todd Holland $13.9M
122 Duchess Of Langeais, The (2007)Jacques Rivette $13.8M
123This movie has an online cover Flags Of Our Fathers 2, Letters From Iwo Jima (2007)Clint Eastwood $13.7M
124 Daddy Day Camp (2007)Fred Savage $13M
125 Shoot 'Em Up (2007)Michael Davis $12.8M
126 Under The Same Moon (2007)Patricia Riggen $12.6M
127 I Think I Love My Wife (2007)Chris Rock $12.5M
128 Evening (2007)Lajos Koltai $12M
129This movie has an online cover Darjeeling Limited, The (2007)Wes Anderson $11.8M
130 Eastern Promises (2007)David Cronenberg $11.3M
131 In The Land Of Women (2007)Jon Kasdan $11M
132 Astronaut Farmer, The (2007)Michael Polish $10.8M
133 Primeval (2007)Michael Katleman $10.6M
134 U2 3D (2007)N/A $10.3M
135This movie has an online cover Dragon Wars (2007)Hyung-rae Shim $10.2M
136This movie has an online cover Vie En Rose, La (2007)Olivier Dahan $10M
137 Pathfinder (2007)Marcus Nispel $10M
138 Bratz (2007)Sean McNamara $9.8M
139This movie has an online cover Death Sentence (2007)James Wan $9.4M
140 Mighty Heart, A (2007)Michael Winterbottom $9M
141 Visitor, The (2007)Thomas McCarthy $9M
142This movie has an online cover Death At A Funeral (2007)Frank Oz $8.6M
143 Sydney White (2007)Joe Nussbaum $8.4M
144 Code Name: The Cleaner (2007)Les Mayfield $8.1M
145 Delta Farce (2007)C.B. Harding $8.1M
146 How She Move (2007)Ian Iqbal Rashid $7M
147This movie has an online cover Before The Devil Knows You'Re Dead (2007)Sidney Lumet $6.9M
148This movie has an online cover In The Valley Of Elah (2007)Paul Haggis $6.8M
149 Redline (2007)Andy Cheng $6.7M
150This movie has an online cover Savages, The (2007)Tamara Jenkins $6.6M
151 Condemned, The (2007)Scott Wiper $6.2M
152This movie has an online cover Lars And The Real Girl (2007)Craig Gillespie $5.9M
153This movie has an online cover Run, Fat Boy, Run (2007)David Schwimmer $5.8M
154 Perfect Holiday, The (2007)Lance Rivera $5.8M
155 Lucky You (2007)Curtis Hanson $5.8M
156 Pride (2007)Sunu Gonera $5.7M
157 Who'S Your Caddy? (2007)Don Michael Paul $5.7M
158 Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie (2007)Matt Maiellaro $5.5M
159This movie has an online cover Counterfeiters, The (2007)Stefan Ruzowitzky $5.5M
160This movie has an online cover Diving Bell And The Butterfly, The (2007)Julian Schnabel $5.3M
161This movie has an online cover Mongol (2007)Sergei Bodrov $5.2M
162This movie has an online cover Lust, Caution (2007)Ang Lee $4.6M
163This movie has an online cover Lookout, The (2007)Scott Frank $4.6M
164This movie has an online cover Talk To Me (2007)Kasi Lemmons $4.4M
165This movie has an online cover 2 Days 1: In Paris (2007)Julie Delpy $4.4M
166 Kickin It Old Skool (2007)Harvey Glazer $4.4M
167This movie has an online cover Persepolis (2007)Vincent Paronnaud $4.4M
168 I'm Not There (2007)Todd Haynes $3.9M
169This movie has an online cover Charlie Bartlett (2007)Jon Poll $3.9M
170 Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, The (2007)Andrew Dominik $3.9M
171This movie has an online cover Ladron Que Roba A Ladron (2007)Joe Menendez $3.9M
172 P2 (2007)Franck Khalfoun $3.9M
173 Then She Found Me (2007)Helen Hunt $3.7M
174This movie has an online cover Sunshine (2007)Danny Boyle $3.6M
175 Jane Austen Book Club, The (2007)Robin Swicord $3.6M
176 Blood And Chocolate (2007)Katja Von Garnier $3.5M
177 Love In The Time Of Cholera (2007)Mike Newell $3.5M
178 Nitro (2007)Alain Desrochers $3.2M
179 Band'S Visit, The (2007)Eran Kolirin $3M
180 Gracie (2007)Davis Guggenheim $2.9M
181 Illegal Tender (2007)Franc. Reyes $2.9M
182 Ma Fille, Mon Ange (2007)Alexis Durand-Brault $2.7M
183 Captivity (2007)Roland Joffe $2.4M
184This movie has an online cover Guru (2007)Mani Ratnam $2.1M
185This movie has an online cover You Kill Me (2007)John Dahl $2.1M
186 Margot At The Wedding (2007)Noah Baumbach $2M
187 Salaam E Ishq: A Tribute To Love (2007)Nikhil Advani $1.8M
188 Son Of Rambow: A Home Movie (2007)Garth Jennings $1.8M
189 Feast Of Love (2007)Robert Benton $1.7M
190This movie has an online cover Roman De Gare (2007)Claude Lelouch $1.7M
191 Year Of The Dog (2007)Mike White $1.5M
192 Married Life (2007)Ira Sachs $1.5M
193This movie has an online cover No End In Sight (2007)Charles Ferguson $1.4M
194 Eklavya - The Royal Guard (2007)Vidhu Vinod Chopra $1.2M
195 Flawless (2007)Michael Radford $1.2M
196 4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days (2007)Cristian Mungiu $1.2M
197 Brick Lane (2007)Sarah Gavron $1.1M
198 And When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)Anand Tucker $1.1M
199This movie has an online cover Caramel (2007)Nadine Labaki $1M
200This movie has an online cover Living Dead 5, Diary Of The Dead, The (2007)George A. Romero $924K
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