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#Film TittleDirectorUS Box Office
101 Oceans (2009)Jacques Cluzaud $19.3M
102This movie has an online cover Invention Of Lying, The (2009)Ricky Gervais $18.4M
103This movie has an online cover I Love You, Man (2009)John Hamburg $17.8M
104 Fired Up (2009)Will Gluck $16.8M
105 New In Town (2009)Jonas Elmer $16.7M
106This movie has an online cover Gamer (2009)Mark Neveldine $16.3M
107This movie has an online cover Jennifer'S Body (2009)Karyn Kusama $16.1M
108 Imagine That (2009)Karey Kirkpatrick $16.1M
109 Perfect Getaway, A (2009)David Twohy $15.5M
110 Armored (2009)Nimród Antal $15.3M
111 Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, The (2009)Neal Brennan $15M
112 Box, The (2009)Richard Kelly $14.8M
113This movie has an online cover I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)Chris Columbus $14.8M
114 Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)Michael Moore $14.3M
115 Amelia (2009)Mira Nair $14.2M
116 Duplicity (2009)Tony Gilroy $14M
117This movie has an online cover Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire'S Assistant (2009)Paul Weitz $13.8M
118 Whip It (2009)Drew Barrymore $13M
119This movie has an online cover Education, An (2009)Lone Scherfig $12.6M
120 Sorority Row (2009)Stewart Hendler $11.9M
121 Young Victoria, The (2009)Jean-Marc Vallée $11M
122 Millenium 1: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The (2009)Niels Arden Oplev $11M
123 Extract (2009)Mike Judge $10.8M
124 Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day, The (2009)Troy Duffy $10.3M
125 Whiteout (2009)Dominic Sena $10.2M
126This movie has an online cover Pandorum (2009)Christian Alvart $10.2M
127 Next Day Air (2009)N/A $10M
128 Away We Go (2009)Sam Mendes $9.4M
129 Single Man, A (2009)Tom Ford $9.1M
130 Get Low (2009)Aaron Schneider $9.1M
131 Serious Man, A (2009)Ethan Coen $9M
132 My Life In Ruins (2009)Donald Petrie $8.6M
133 Road, The (2009)John Hillcoat $8.1M
134 Pirate Radio (2009)Richard Curtis $7.9M
135 Collector 1, The (2009)Marcus Dunstan $7.7M
136 Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, The (2009)Terry Gilliam $7.7M
137 Last Station, The (2009)Michael Hoffman $6.6M
138 3 Idiots (2009)Rajkumar Hirani $6.5M
139 City Island (2009)Raymond De Felitta $6.3M
140This movie has an online cover Coco Before Chanel (2009)Anne Fontaine $6M
141 Secret In Their Eyes, The (2009)Juan José Campanella $5.6M
142This movie has an online cover Whatever Works (2009)Woody Allen $5.3M
143 Bandslam (2009)Todd Graff $5.2M
144 Broken Embraces (2009)Pedro Almodóvar $5M
145This movie has an online cover Moon (2009)Duncan Jones $5M
146 Bright Star (2009)Jane Campion $4.4M
147 Good Hair (2009)Jeff Stilson $4.2M
148This movie has an online cover Miss March (2009)Zach Cregger $4.1M
149 Everybody'S Fine (2009)Kirk Jones $3.9M
150 September Issue, The (2009)N/A $3.8M
151 To Save A Life (2009)Brian Baugh $3.4M
152This movie has an online cover Chloe (2009)Atom Egoyan $3.1M
153 Solitary Man (2009)Brian Koppelman $2.8M
154This movie has an online cover Cheri (2009)Stephen Frears $2.7M
155This movie has an online cover Sin Nombre (2009)Cary Fukunaga $2.5M
156 In The Loop (2009)Armando Iannucci $2.4M
157This movie has an online cover Adam (2009)Max Mayer $2.2M
158 White Ribbon, The (2009)Michael Haneke $2.2M
159This movie has an online cover Prophet, A (2009)Jacques Audiard $2M
160 I Love You, Phillip Morris (2009)Glenn Ficarra $1.9M
161This movie has an online cover Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, The (2009)Werner Herzog $1.7M
162This movie has an online cover New York, I Love You (2009)Fatih Akin $1.5M
163 Kambakkht Ishq (2009)Sabir Khan $1.4M
164 Paper Heart (2009)Nicholas Jasenovec $1.3M
165 Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg (2009)N/A $1.1M
166This movie has an online cover I Am Love (2009)Luca Guadagnino $1.1M
167 Messenger, The (2009)Oren Moverman $1.1M
168 De Dana Dan (2009)Priyadarshan $913.9K
169 Cold Souls (2009)Sophie Barthes $865.8K
170 Cove, The (2009)Louie Psihoyos $863.1K
171 Kurbaan (2009)Renzil D'Silva $736.4K
172 Kaminey (2009)Vishal Bhardwaj $726.8K
173 Boys Are Back, The (2009)Scott Hicks $694.4K
174 Delhi 6 (2009)Rakesh Omprakash Mehra $602.9K
175 Vincere (2009)Marco Bellocchio $573.3K
176 Maid (2009)Sebastián Silva $549.5K
177 Art Of The Steal, The (2009)N/A $541K
178 Ajami (2009)Scandar Copti $534K
179 Danse - Le Ballet De L'Opéra De Paris, La (2009)N/A $516.1K
180 Red Cliff, Part 2 (2009)John Woo $485.2K
181 Motherhood (2009)Katherine Dieckmann $454.7K
182 Damned United, The (2009)Tom Hooper $437.9K
183 Agora (2009)Alejandro Amenábar $434.3K
184 Antichrist (2009)Lars Von Trier $379.5K
185 Crossing Over (2009)Wayne Kramer $347K
186 Middle Men (2009)George Gallo $310K
187 Outrage (2009)N/A $273.1K
188 Transylmania (2009)David Hillenbrand $263.9K
189This movie has an online cover Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, The (2009)Rebecca Miller $235.1K
190 Black Dynamite (2009)Scott Sanders $228.5K
191 Thirst (2009)Chan-wook Park $227.9K
192 Formosa Betrayed (2009)Adam Kane $201.6K
193 Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)Chris Nahon $192K
194 Main Aurr Mrs. Khanna (2009)N/A $185K
195 Shrink (2009)Jonas Pate $165.2K
196 When You'Re Strange (2009)Tom DiCillo $164.1K
197This movie has an online cover Spread (2009)David Mackenzie $122.9K
198 Concert, The (2009)Radu Mihaileanu $106K
199 Best Worst Movie (2009)Michael Stephenson $92K
200 Greatest, The (2009)Shana Feste $85.5K
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