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#Film TittleDirectorYear
1 Bloody Murder 2Rob Spera 2003
2 PendulumJames Deck 2002
3 Sins Of The FatherFrank Carson 2002
4 Drive ByJuan Frausto 2002
5This movie has an online cover Double BangHeywood Gould 2002
6This movie has an online cover Good AdviceSteve Rash 2002
7This movie has an online cover Outta TimeLorena David 2002
8 Snow White: The Fairest Of Them AllCaroline Thompson 2002
9 CallingMichael C. Brown 2002
10This movie has an online cover National Lampoon's Van WilderWalter Becker 2002
11 StrandedCharles Beason 2002
12 My Sister's KeeperRon Lagomarsino 2002
13This movie has an online cover Con ExpressTerry Cunningham 2002
14 Moby Dick: The True StoryChristopher Rowley 2002
15This movie has an online cover Barbie As RapunzelOwen Hurley 2002
16This movie has an online cover Johnson County WarDavid S. Sr. Cass 2002
17 Little JohnDick Lowry 2002
18This movie has an online cover DerailedBob Misiorowski 2002
19 Wishmaster 4 - The Prophecy FulfilledChris Angel 2002
20This movie has an online cover JoshuaJon Purdy 2002
21This movie has an online cover WendigoLarry Fessenden 2002
22This movie has an online cover Men With BroomsPaul Gross 2002
23This movie has an online cover Jonah: A VeggieTales MovieMike Nawrocki 2002
24 Snow QueenDavid Wu 2002
25 Desert SaintsRich Greenberg 2002
26This movie has an online cover Chat RoomBarry Bowles 2002
27This movie has an online cover Clifford: The Big Red DogN/A 2001
28 Item, TheDan Clark 2001
29This movie has an online cover MadeJon Favreau 2001
30This movie has an online cover TickerAlbert Pyun 2001
31This movie has an online cover SleeplessDario Argento 2001
32 ClassicKari Väänänen 2001
33 Skeletons In The ClosetWayne Powers 2001
34 Center Of The World, TheWayne Wang 2001
35 When Dinosaurs Roamed AmericaPierre de Lespinois 2001
36This movie has an online cover Barbie In The NutcrackerOwen Hurley 2001
37This movie has an online cover Startup.comChris Hegedus 2001
38 Goin' For Broke/ Got Game: White Knuckle ExtremeJean Claude La Marre 2001
39This movie has an online cover CallingRichard Caesar 2001
40This movie has an online cover Gale ForceJay Andrews 2001
41This movie has an online cover Jim Henson's Jack And The Beanstalk: The Real StoryBrian Henson 2001
42 In Love And WarJohn Kent Harrison 2001
43This movie has an online cover Soul SurvivorsStephen Carpenter 2001
44This movie has an online cover Mangler 2, TheMichael Hamilton-Wright 2001
45This movie has an online cover NovocaineDavid Atkins 2001
46 Acceptable RiskWilliam Graham 2001
47This movie has an online cover FidelDavid Attwood 2001
48 Seventh StreamJohn Gray 2001
49 Within These WallsMike Robe 2001
50 Surviving Gilligan's IslandPaul A. Kaufman 2001
51This movie has an online cover Say NothingAllan Moyle 2001
52 Pool, TheBoris Von Sychowski 2001
53 Black PointDavid Mackay 2001
54 Shipment, TheAlex Wright 2001
55 HoneybeeMelvin James 2001
56 'R XmasAbel Ferrara 2001
57 Two DegreesTony Spires 2001
58This movie has an online cover GreenmailJonathan Heap 2001
59 Eastside (Special Edition)Lorena David 2001
60 Breaks, TheEric Meza 2000
61 Raising The MammothJean-Charles Deniau 2000
62This movie has an online cover Grizzly FallsStewart Raffill 2000
63 Crocodile Hunter: Croc FilesJohn Stainton 2000
64This movie has an online cover Arabian NightsSteve Barron 2000
65This movie has an online cover Jason And The ArgonautsNick Willing 2000
66 Picking Up The PiecesAlfonso Arau 2000
67 Tangerine BearBert Ring 2000
68This movie has an online cover Chuck And BuckMiguel Arteta 2000
69This movie has an online cover Cecil B. DementedJohn Waters 2000
70This movie has an online cover My Five WivesSidney J. Furie 2000
71This movie has an online cover Way Of The Gun, TheChristopher McQuarrie 2000
72 Inside The Space StationPierre de Lespinois 2000
73This movie has an online cover Requiem For A DreamDarren Aronofsky 2000
74This movie has an online cover Blair Witch Project 2, Book Of Shadows, TheJoe Berlinger 2000
75This movie has an online cover Crimson Code, TheJeremy Haft 2000
76This movie has an online cover Dr. T And The WomenRobert Altman 2000
77This movie has an online cover Frank Herbert's DuneJohn Harrison 2000
78 Second SkinDarrell Roodt 2000
79 EastsideLorena David 2000
80 PanicHenry Bromell 2000
81 Substitute: Failure Is Not An Option, TheRobert Radler 2000
82 Land Of The MammothN/A 2000
83 Tell Me No LiesEmmanuel Itier 2000
84 Brooklyn BabylonMarc Levin 2000
85This movie has an online cover Along For The RideJohn Kaye 2000
86 Backyard DogsRobert Boris 2000
87This movie has an online cover Joy RideJohn Dahl 2000
88This movie has an online cover Luck Of The DrawLuca Bercovici 2000
89This movie has an online cover Critical MassFred Olen Ray 2000
90 Children Of The Living DeadTor Ramsey 2000
91 Preston TylkJon Bokenkamp 2000
92 Back To The Secret GardenMichael Tuchner 2000
93This movie has an online cover Jacked UpTimothy Wayne Folsome 2000
94 How To Kill Your Neighbors DogMichael Kalesniko 2000
95 Lost Child, TheKaren Arthur 2000
96 Playaz Court, TheGreg Morgan 2000
97 Little RichardRobert Townsend 2000
98 Deep In The WoodsLionel Delplanque 2000
99This movie has an online cover Ginger Snaps 1John Fawcett 2000
100 Cupid And CateBrent Shields 2000
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