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#Film TittleDirectorYear
1 George WashingtonDavid Gordon Green 2000
2This movie has an online cover RushmoreWes Anderson 1998
3 Chihuly Over VeniceGary Gibson 1998
4This movie has an online cover Taste Of CherryJim Holliday 1997
5This movie has an online cover InsomniaErik Skjoldbjaerg 1997
6 Fishing With JohnJohn Lurie 1992
7This movie has an online cover Man Bites DogRemy Belvaux 1992
8This movie has an online cover Hannibal 1, Silence Of The LambsJonathan Demme 1991
9This movie has an online cover Do The Right ThingSpike Lee 1989
10 For All MankindAl Reinert 1989
11This movie has an online cover Last Temptation Of Christ, TheMartin Scorsese 1988
12This movie has an online cover Dead RingersDavid Cronenberg 1988
13 Vanishing, TheGeorge Sluizer 1988
14This movie has an online cover Unbearable Lightness Of Being, ThePhilip Kaufman 1988
15This movie has an online cover Robocop 1Paul Verhoeven 1987
16This movie has an online cover Mona LisaNeil Jordan 1986
17This movie has an online cover Down By LawJim Jarmusch 1986
18This movie has an online cover VagabondAgnès Varda 1985
19This movie has an online cover BrazilTerry Gilliam 1985
20This movie has an online cover And The Ship Sails OnFederico Fellini 1983
21 Bertrand Tavernier's Coup De TorchonBertrand Tavernier 1981
22This movie has an online cover Time BanditsTerry Gilliam 1981
23This movie has an online cover HopscotchRonald Neame 1980
24 Long Good Friday, TheJohn Mackenzie 1979
25This movie has an online cover Monty Python's Life Of BrianTerry Jones 1979
26 Last Wave, ThePeter Weir 1977
27 That Obscure Object Of DesireLuis Bunuel 1977
28 Magic Flute, TheIngmar Bergman 1975
29 Grey GardensEllen Hovde 1975
30 AmarcordFederico Fellini 1974
31This movie has an online cover Blood For DraculaPaul Morrissey 1974
32This movie has an online cover Night Porter, TheLiliana Cavani 1974
33 General Idi Amin Dada: Self PortraitBarbet Schroeder 1974
34 Harder They Come, ThePerry Henzell 1973
35 SistersBrian De Palma 1973
36This movie has an online cover Flesh For FrankensteinPaul Morrissey 1973
37 Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, TheLuis Buħuel 1972
38 Ruling Class, ThePeter Medak 1972
39 Cries And WhispersIngmar Bergman 1972
40 Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter, TheAlbert Maysles 1970
41This movie has an online cover Andrei RublevAndrei Tarkovsky 1969
42 PlaytimeJacques Tati 1967
43 Firemen's Ball, TheMilos Forman 1967
44This movie has an online cover Branded To KillSeijun Suzuki 1967
45 Tokyo DrifterSeijin Suzuki 1966
46 Shop On The Main Street, TheJán Kadár 1965
47 Juliet Of The SpiritsFederico Fellini 1965
48 Loves Of A BlondeMilos Forman 1965
49 AlphavilleJean-Luc Godard 1965
50 Tokyo OlympiadKon Ichikawa 1965
51This movie has an online cover Red BeardAkira Kurosawa 1965
52 Naked Kiss, TheSamuel Fuller 1964
53This movie has an online cover KwaidanMasaki Kobayashi 1964
54 Diary Of A ChambermaidLuis Buñuel 1964
55This movie has an online cover CharadeStanley Donen 1963
56This movie has an online cover 8 1/2Rossella Falk 1963
57 Shock CorridorSamuel Fuller 1963
58This movie has an online cover High And LowAkira Kurosawa 1963
59This movie has an online cover Lord Of The FliesPeter Brook 1963
60 Carnival Of SoulsFrancis Ford Coppola 1962
61This movie has an online cover SanjuroAkira Kurosawa 1962
62 Cleo From 5 To 7Agnès Varda 1961
63 YojimboAkira Kurosawa 1961
64This movie has an online cover SpartacusStanley Kubrick 1960
65 Trou, LeJacques Becker 1960
66This movie has an online cover Peeping TomMichael Powell 1960
67This movie has an online cover Avventura, L'Michelangelo Antonioni 1960
68 Yasujiro Ozu's Good MorningYasujiro Ozu 1959
69This movie has an online cover Black OrpheusMarcel Camus 1959
70 Blob, TheIrvin S. Jr. Yeaworth 1958
71This movie has an online cover Fiend Without A FaceArthur Crabtree 1958
72This movie has an online cover Mon OncleJacques Tati 1958
73 Big Deal On Madonna StreetMario Monicelli 1958
74 Night To Remember, ARoy Ward Baker 1958
75 Horse's MouthRonald Neame 1958
76 Wild StrawberriesIngmar Bergman 1957
77This movie has an online cover Seventh Seal, TheIngmar Bergman 1957
78 Nights Of CabiriaFederico Fellini 1957
79 And God Created WomanRoger Vadim 1956
80 Written On The WindDouglas Sirk 1956
81 Samurai 3: Duel At Ganryu IslandHiroshi Inagaki 1956
82This movie has an online cover RififiJules Dassin 1955
83 All That Heaven AllowsDouglas Sirk 1955
84This movie has an online cover Samurai 2: Duel At Ichijoji TempleHiroshi Inagaki 1955
85 SummertimeDavid Lean 1955
86 DiaboliqueHenri-Georges Clouzot 1955
87This movie has an online cover Seven SamuraiAkira Kurosawa 1954
88 Samurai 1: Musashi MiyamotoHiroshi Inagaki 1954
89This movie has an online cover M. Hulot's HolidayJacques Tati 1953
90 Importance Of Being EarnestAnthony Asquith 1952
91 Variety LightsFederico Fellini 1950
92This movie has an online cover RashomonAkira Kurosawa 1950
93 Third Man, TheCarol Reed 1949
94This movie has an online cover Oliver TwistDavid Lean 1948
95 Red Shoes, TheMichael Powell 1948
96 Black NarcissusMichael Powell 1947
97This movie has an online cover Brief EncounterDavid Lean 1946
98This movie has an online cover Beauty And The BeastJean Cocteau 1946
99 Great ExpectationsDavid Lean 1946
100 I Know Where I'M GoingWendy Hiller 1945
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