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2010.03.25 - BoxOffice News


1Alice In Wonderland (2010)$34.2M3,739$265.4M17
2Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (2010)$22.1M3,077$22.1M3
3Bounty Hunter, The (2010)$20.7M3,074$20.7M3
4Repo Men$6.1M2,521$6.1M3
5Green Zone (2010)$6.1M3,004$24.9M10
6She'S Out Of My League (2010)$5.8M2,958$19.7M10
7Shutter Island (2010)$4.7M2,704$115.8M31
8Avatar (2009)$4M1,236$736.9M94
9Our Family Wedding (2010)$3.7M1,609$13.6M10
10Remember Me (2010)$3.3M2,215$13.9M10
11Ghost Writer, The (2010)$2.1M819$6.8M31
12Brooklyn'S Finest (2009)$1.6M1,311$24.8M17
13Crazies, The (2010)$1.5M1,495$36.4M24
14Cop Out (2010)$1.4M1,563$42.6M24
15Crazy Heart (2009)$1.4M1,154$36.4M96
16Percy Jackson And The Olympians 1: The Lightning Thief (2010)$1.4M1,348$85M38
17Blind Side, The (2009)$877.7K602$254.3M122
18Runaways, The (2010)$805.1K244$805.1K3
19Hubble 3D (2010)$410.9K39$410.9K3
20Sherlock Holmes (2009)$405.4K372$207.9M87

For the top 20 movies:$122.7M35,084$1.9B

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