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2010.08.27 - The Wacky French: The Extreme Wave

America has been French kissed this past weekend with a high spectacle of 3D horror served up by French director Alexandre Aja. But when you look a little bit closer, the movie is actually surprising. Aja created High Tension, one of the more influential horror films of the last decade, a brutal and brooding gore fest. For him to break new ground in horror seven years ago with a low-budget gruesome cult horror film, and then find himself today with a new film, in 3D, in theaters across the US... Talk about The American Dream! He got it. Although his latest baby has Hollywood written all over it (it's a high budget grand spectacle), you cannot forget where it all came from, and for that, i propose to take you on a walk through what is known as the Extreme Wave, and perhaps, make you buy or rent a few movies you may have never heard of...

The rest of this new in-depth article on French Horror Cinema is posted on Brutal As Hell. Read on...


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The best of 2010 (2011.01.04)
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BoxOffice News (2010.08.09)