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Industry News (2004.03.24)

2004.03.24 - Industry News

Gibson's Next Film Mel Gibson is already planning his next religious film about the origins of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah and the Revolt Of The Maccabees: "That story has always fired my imagination. The Maccabees family stood up, and they made war. They stuck by their guns and they came out winning. It's like a western." The Maccabees led a three year war, 200 years before the birth of Jesus, against Antiochus, a king who forced the Jews to worship false Gods. The war led to the liberation of Jerusalem. Of course, Gibson's interest in Jewish history concerns a few. Abe Foxman, of the Jewish Anti-defamation League: "The last thing we need is someone to convert Jewish history into a western". In related news, thanks to a series of clever financial tie-ins to his self-funded film, Mel is making a load of mega-bucks. The Passion's soundtrack is at the top of the Christian and Soundtrack charts. A photography book is alredy high on the bestsellers' list, and jewelry items such as "The Passion Nail Pendant" have become fashion statements for fervent Christians.

Robert Rodriguez's new all-star cast: Roberto is trying to recruit an all-star cast for his new film Sin City, based on Frank Miller's dark graphic novel series. The director of From dusk Till Dawn and the Spy Kids trilogy, a close friend of Quantin Tarantino, is targetting Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, Benicio Del Toro, Mickey Rourke, Kate Bosworth, Jamie King and Maria Bellow.

Brosnan To Play 007 Once More: Pierce Brosnan was happy when hords of fans threatened to boycott the next James Bond movie when the producers implied someone else would be hired for the job (Irishman Colin Farrell was named).

Ridley Scott Threatened: Director Ridley Scott, who gave us masterpieces such as Alien and Blade Runner, is being guarded by hundreds of King Mohammed of Morocco's soldiers on location in Morocco after receiving death threats from Islamic extremists upset about battle scenes in Scott's new movie about the Crusades, Kingdom Of Heaven. The film features Liam Neeson, Kiera Chaplin and Jeremy Irons.

Anti-Boob Bill: By an overwhelming vote of 391-22, the House of Representatives approved new legislation, triggered by Janet Jackson's breast-baring performance during the Super Bowl halftime show, that boosts fines up to $500,000 that the FCC can impose on media airing "indecent" material. In related news, ABC said that it will use a five-second tape delay when it broadcasts a live performance by Janet Jackson on Good Morning America later this month. This silly thing really has no end.

CBS Owns Daytime: CBS reached 780 consecutive weeks (15 years) as the ratings leader in daytime. Chairman and CEO Les Moonves: "Getting to #1 is no small feat. Staying there for 15 years is nothing short of phenomenal".

Spielberg's War Of The Worlds: Rumors have it that Steven Spielberg is planning to direct a new movie version of H.G. Wells's classic The War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise starring.

Dual-Layer DVD+R: Sony has unveiled a new DVD recorder that can records 8.5GB on dual-layer disks, nearly doubling the 4.7GB capacity of current R disks. Units, priced under $300, are expected to ship before the summer.

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BoxOffice News (2004.03.25)
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Industry News (2004.03.24)