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2005.06.22 - BoxOffice News

Batman Begins did not wow people as much as the industry expected. With $49M over the weekend, and $73M for its 5-day opening (the film opened on Wednesday), the results are disappointing as close to $100M was hoped for. Now, the movie has great reviews, except for the Batmobile that everyone pretty much finds ugly, so the movie might show good legs and be profitable.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith continues to do well and is now an inch away from passing the $100M bar. With $26M on its second weekend, the movie continues on strong.

Madagascar is also doing better than most people had expected, and with close to $11M this weekend, is now getting very close to $150M. People are reconsidering a $200M milestone as being possible again.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith shows the same pattern again where instead of dramatically dropping, the movie managed another $10M over the weekend. Sitting now just below $350M, the movie has a chance again to reach $400M.

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