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2005.07.08 - BoxOffice News

On this 4th of July long weekend, War of the Worlds, The was the undisputable champ this past weekend, as expected. With $65M over the 3-day weekend, $100M since Wednesday when it actually opened, and an additional $12.2M on Monday. That's very good, but unfortunately, still way below last year's Spiderman 2, marking the 19th straight weekend where the box office this year is unable to match or beat last year's numbers.

If you haven't noticed already, the film industry is in a real panic right now. Box Ofice numbers this year so far are 8.4% lower than last year, with the gap widening each weekend. It's scary, especially since those numbers are in raw dollars. If you account for higher ticket prices, attendance itself is down closer to 10%. There are three main culprits that people name over and over again. First, there seems to be an agreement that way too many movies are made, too expensively, and most of them are not good. This makes for a crowded marketplace, with movies that are more difficult to make a profit on than in the past, and with movies that people are not as excited to go see immediately as in the past. Second, home entertainment is really offering great value and many people prefer to wait for the DVD and avoid costly theaters, the crowds and the hassle of going to the theaters. Finally, piracy is always brandied around as a real cost to the industry.

Please, even if i agree that theaters have gone out of control and i myself hardly find the motivation to go see a movie in the theater anymore (except when it's walking distance, at off hours and with coupons), piracy is not an option. Do not buy pirate DVDs on the street of movies still in the theaters. It makes no sense. Now, i don't think i'd agree with the industry that the cost of piracy is as high as they say it is, but i can say that around me, the trend is clearly visible as more and more people i know casually buy those $5 DVDs on the street. Worst of all, most of them are of terrible quality (guy with a camcorder type). How can anyone enjoy watching a movie in those conditions is beyond me. A few months is not too much to ask to wait for the official DVD, which you can then rent cheaper than that $5 you paid for a piece of crap.

Batman Begins continues to do very well with great legs. With $15M, the movie just passed the $150M mark and may yet reach $200M. Mr. And Mrs. Smith is also doing very well with close to $11M and will cross the $150M mark next week. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, which i finally saw over the weekend by the way and really liked a lot, added a small $4M to its coffers, and slowly is making its way to $375M to beat last year's Passion Of The Christ (which grosed $370M). Finally, George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, in spite of good reviews, was not able to escape the fan effect and collapsed this weekend. With only $2.7M, the movie now sits at $16.2M, and made its initial production budget of $15M. It will cross the $20M mark, but it's disappointing given that this is a zombie movie from the master himself, that it was very well reviewed, and that other zombie movies released in the past several years have done much better in spite of inferior reviews.

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BoxOffice News (2005.07.12)
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