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2005.07.12 - BoxOffice News

Fantastic Four completely shattered expectations and made over $56M. This is almost double from most expectations, and helped the BoxOffice finally get out of its Slump. For the first time in 19 weeks, the weekend made more money than the same weekend last year. In spite of terrible reviews, the movie seems to have a family apeal which may help it break $100M, a number which was before not believed the film could ever reach. We'll have to follow this and find out if the movie falls appart next weekend, which obviously, everyone expects it will.

War of the Worlds, The dropped by more than 50% compared to its opening weekend and managed a little bit over $30M for this weekend. With $165M so far, and about as much internationally, the movie is making a good profit.

Batman Begins continues to do well and adds $10M to its tally, which now sits at $172M. Mr. And Mrs. Smith is similarely holding on very well and adds $8M to now sit right below the $160M mark. And, surprisingly, amidst discouraging financial reports from Dreamworks and a plungng stock price, Madagascar is holding its own very well also with another $4M. The movie now sits just below $180M.

Dark Water opened with disappoionting numbers. Mixed reviews, plus the somewhat tired Japanese Horror Remake, amounted to barely $10M. The movie doesn't look like it will repeat the prior success of Grudge, The (2004) or Ring, The (2002). Finally, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith still figures in the top 10 and added another $2.6M. The movie will cross the $380M bar in the next few weeks, and dethrone Spiderman 2 (2004) and Lord Of The Rings 3, The Return Of The King (2003) to sit at the second place, behind Shrek 2, on the charts for the past 3 years.

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