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2005.07.20 - BoxOffice News

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory easily won the weekend, as expected, but did so by beating expectations slightly. More importantly though, the IMAX engagement broke records. This is showing increasing interest in the format from audiences, and more day-to-day releases in both regular and IMAX format is expected for mainstream movies. With $56.2M in regular theaters and $2.2M in IMAX theaters, the movie opened up with just under $60M. The movie is expected to break the $200M mark.

Wedding Crashers, The, with almost $34M, completely took the industry by surprise. Reviews were better than originally thought, and the audience went in droves to go see it. This is a movie that may break $100M now. As always, we'll have to see next week how far the movie falls, or not.

Fantastic Four fell, and fell hard. It broke the $100M mark, barely, but by dropping about 60% from its opening weekend. As expected, the word of mouth is really not good, and most people who wanted to see the movie rushed to see it in its first week. that's called the fan-boy effect.

War of the Worlds, The added $15.2M to itx box office, and in doing so, jumped to the second position for the year. the movie is expected to break $200M next week of course. Batman Begins also continues to do very well and added $6M. At $183M right now, the movie will have a hard time passing the $200M milestone, but there is still a chance if the studios make a push for it. Mr. And Mrs. Smith is also another movie holding very well. Although the $200M mark is but a dream, the movie is still considered quite a success and will pass $175M.

Finally, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, with $374M now, passed both Passion Of The Christ ($370M) and Spiderman 2 ($372M) to come in third position in the box office totals for the past 3 years. It will pass Lord Of The Rings, Return Of The King ($377M) next week to jump into the number two spot, but Shrek 2 with an amazing $436M remains the undisputed champ and is not likely to be dethroned any time soon. For the BoxOffice numbers for the past 3 years, check here.

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BoxOffice News (2005.07.28)
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