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2005.07.28 - BoxOffice News

What a funny weekend. You take the top three movies from last week, and repeat. The two big openings, Island, The and Bad News Bears, The , did not manage to make much of an impact at all. Overall, we are back into a negative growth from last weekend, and last year's same weekend. The numbers are disappointing to say the least.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory continued to dominate the box office last weekend. With $28.3M, the movie passed the $100M mark, but that also represents a 50% drop of from last weekend. However, the weekdays numbers have been decent, so the movie still has a chance to get very close to $200M.

Wedding Crashers, The remains in second place with $25.7M which is quite incredible. This is about a 25% drop-off from its first weekend which is quite stunning these days. This film, which was supposed to be a bomb, is so well received by the public that it is now a bonafide success. The movie will likely pass the $100M mark next week. Not bad at all.

Fantastic Four also managed a decent follow-up to last weekend, with $12.6M. The movie now sits at over $120M and may yet reach $150M.

Island, The opened huge, but only in its number of theaters. It opened in 3,000 theaters, which is rather big, but only managed a horrible $12.4M. This is really, really very bad. Bad reviews, a confusing add campaign, and the lack of interest from the public will all conspire to make this a big bomb. To put this in context, last year's worst movie, Catwoman opened with better numbers. Bad News Bears, The also sufferred from the same fate, but it's a movie with a significantly lower budget though, so all hopes are not out. With $11.4M, the movie barely matched lowered expectations. Hustle & Flow and Devil's Rejects, The also disappointed slightly with $8M and $7M respectively. but those movies are really targetted to a certain audience so that may not be so bad.

As far as holdovers, War of the Worlds, The passed the $200M bar by adding almost $9M to its coffers. Batman Begins is inching ever closer to the $200M mark with an additional $5M. It now sits at $191M. Finally, March of the Penguins is a sensation in the US and almost doubled its numbers on this weekend alone. Thanks to a significant expansion (from 132 theaters last week to 695 theaters this week), the movie added $4.4M (for a $9.3M total), and for the first time since its release, sat in the top ten.

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BoxOffice News (2005.08.04)
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BoxOffice News (2005.07.20)