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2005.08.04 - BoxOffice News

For a film that opened with mixed reviews and poor prospects, Wedding Crashers, The proved many people wrong. In its third weekend, it has reached the top position, and crossed the $100M milestone. With an additional $20M, the movie now sits at $115.6M, and still has a lot of room to grow. The movie could reach $200M, making it a real surprise mega-hit.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fell to second place and is about to cross the $150M bar. With $16M on its third weekend, the movie has a good chance to reach $200M.

Sky High opened with $15M, which is not great, but about in line with some predictions. If the movie does well, Disney apparently has plans for TV Series.

Stealth however is a great disappointment. With only $13M, the movie will be lucky if it reaches $35M. That must hurt given the movie's $130M production budget. After last week's loud action failure (The Island), it looks like audiences are not as easily moved by big loud action pieces anymore.

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