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2005.08.09 - BoxOffice News

Dukes of Hazzard, The finished first this weekend, pretty much as expected, with just under $31M. However, the reviews are generally really bad, and so the movie will probably not perform well. Will it reach $100M? That's the question now.

Wedding Crashers, The is back on second place, and with a lower drop-off than expected. The movie is now well on the way to reach $200M. It is a bonafide unexpected hit.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory congtinues to drop off faster than expected however, and barely $11M over the weekend. Sitting now just below $170M, the movie will struggle to reach $200M. Given the movie's big budget, it will need to do well internationally to recoup its costs.

March of the Penguins however is making money hands over fists. Literally. It expanded to almost 1,900 theaters and beat expectations by making $7.1M over the weekend. It now sits at $26.4M, which is now the highest grossing documentary of all times if you discount last year's freak accident Fahrenheit 9/11.

War of the Worlds, The, which i saw over the weekend and really liked, except for the dumb ending, is an inch away from $225M, and Batman Begins, which i also saw over the weekend and really liked too, including the ending, should finally cross the $200M mark by next weekend.

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