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2005.08.17 - BoxOffice News

Four Brothers was the champ this past weekend and beat expectations. Apparently, many more women than expected went to see the film. With an opening of $21.2M, and a production budget of close to $30M, the movie should see a profit if it doesn't collapse over the next few weeks. Expect an above $50M tally.

The Skeleton Key managed to also beat expectations, although just slightly. With $16.1M though, it's not a lot and given the average reviews, will likely not have legs to reach $50M.

Dukes of Hazzard, The, as expected, collapsed by dropping more than 60% in its second weekend. With an extra $13M, the movie now sits at $57.5M, which is still quite far from the $100M milestone.

Wedding Crashers, The, one of the mega surprise hits of the summer, is slowing down a little. With an additional $11.8M, the movie now stands at an astounding $164M!

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo opened wigh a big disppointment at $9.6M, and Great Raid, The did even worse with $3.4M, in spite of good reviews. I guess the very slim marketing campaign is partly to be blamed here.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory now sits at $184M and having trouble inching all the way to $200M. March of the Penguins however is doing fine and with another $6.8M, now sits at $37.7M. This ocumentary will likely pass $50M. Fantastic Four is about to break $150M and War of the Worlds, The will reach $230M next week. Batman Begins broke $200M.

Stealth is dead. Island, The is dead.

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