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2005.08.24 - BoxOffice News

The two top movies opening this weekend are very well reviewed and in spite of just OK numbers, should see long-term success and good legs. The 40 Year-old Virgin opened on top with $21.4M which is pretty good. It's getting great reviews and people who have seen it have generally been surprised for the better. Red-Eye looks tense and thrilling and has been earning great reviews too. People are celebrating the return of Wes Craven as a great director. With $16.2M, this is almost as much as his previous effort did during its entire run. If the word of mouth is as good as the reviews suggest, the movie could quickly become a hit.

Four Brothers did not drop much from its opening weekend, and with $12.5M, it now sits at just over $43M. A little bit more and it will cover its production budget and may make a profit during its theatrical run in spite of the expensive marketting campaign. The Wedding Crashers added another $8M and is slowly tappering off. $200M is not completely out of reach, but it will require a little effort. The movie now sits at $177.6M.

March of the Penguins continues to amaze the crowds and will pass the $50M mark this week. This is quite an achievement for a documentary that was initially released in a handful of theaters.

The Dukes of Hazzard however opened big and is crashing fast. The movie sits at $69M, and the 100M mark looks like a dream at this point. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory added $4.4M and is still a hair shy of $200M.

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