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2005.09.07 - BoxOffice News

The Labor-day weekend in the US is generally a slow weekend for the movies. It's the official end of the summer, and people are probably busy getting ready to get back to school, or full schedules at work. However, this year, the box office fared better than past years with several movies beating expectations.

The Transporter 2 did in its opening 4-day weekend more than the original did in its entire run. With decent reviews for a film of that kind, the movie can only go higher and could become a mid-level hit if it reaches $50M.

The 40 Year-old Virgin continues to do well and will start showing a profit for the studio soon. the movie is expectd to reach $100M.

The Constant Gardener is also faring well with low drop-offs from week to week. The audience for this movie is definitely of the older kind, and so it should continue to do well for weeks to come with good legs.

Red-Eye is also doing well and continues to thrill and scare audiences all around the country. he movie should have no trouble breaking the $50M mark in the next couple of weeks and become one of Wes Craven's best performer in a long time.

The Brothers Grimm however is not doing so well and looks like it's crashing at the box office. The movie was simply too expensive to show a profit domestically, but Terry Gilliam's movies tend to do better abroad, so all hopes for some profit is not lost.

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