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2005.09.13 - BoxOffice News

The Exorcism of Emily Rose surprised pretty much everyone this weekend with a great start at over $30M. Most analysts had the movie barely making $20M. Of course, this great start doesn't really mean much as the movie could be crashing down fast next week due to just average reviews. The main criticism i hear is that the movie is really mroe of a court drama than a bonnafide horror film like the marvellous The Exorcist. Additionally, it is supposedly telling a true story of a real possession, but the Church at the time actually ruled it not to be. Well, we'll see.

The 40 Year-old Virgin continues to do great and with just under $8M, it has passed the $80M bar. A few more weeks and the movie will likely hit the $100M mark.

The Transporter 2, pretty much as expected, could not repeat the feat of its opening weekend and crashed and burned on its second weekend. With only $7.4M, compared to $16.5M last weekend, the movie nevertheless sits at over $30M, which is already more than what the original did in its entire run.

The Constant Gardener could only add $4.7M this weekend and did not pass the $20M bar. This is somewhat disappointing given the film's generally good reviews and older audience target. As for Red-Eye, it added $4.5M and passed the $50M mark, making it a great success for director Wes Craven

Finally, The Man opened with a whisper at $4.1M. This is a movie that is not getting much praise at all, and will disapear from theaters soon. Look for it on DVD within by the end of the year already. And The Brothers Grimm is collapsing with $3.3M. The movie was expensive to make, and probably won't make even $40M.

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