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2005.09.21 - BoxOffice News

After the success of Sweet Home Alabama (2002), Stars, Producers and so on expected a repeat with this year's Just Like Heaven. On paper, everything looked golden. However, with $16.4M, the numbers came in at about half of what the other movie did on its opening weekend 3 years ago. Given that this year's Reese Witherspoon flick cost a lot more to make (estimates run close to $60M), it will likely not make a profit during its theater run.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose fell as expected on its second weekend, but not enough to prevent it from breaking the $50M mark. This is good since that covers the production budget and the movie is on a path to profit.

Lord of War opened with mixed reviews, and mize dnumbers. At just $9.4M, the movie won't be a hit. The 40 Year-old Virgin however continues to do very well with another $6M. The movie should pass $100M in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, Cry Wolf, a horror film made with $1M after the script won a contest, pocketed $4.4M in its opening weekend. Here is another film, albeit a low-budget Horror film, that will have no problem making a profit without having to reach stratospheric box office numbers.

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